Our company is certified according to DIN EN 14001:2009

Environmental protection in becoming and more important because of the significant impact civilization has had on the environment.

As a leading representative of an industry that has also in the past taken the upmost care to protect the environment, WSW considers the process in all new product development and manufacturing that are technically feasible and economically viable, solutions that have the minimal ecological damage as possible.

Customer requirements for the environmental safety of products are becoming more and more important. WSW attaches the greatest importance that during the manufacturing process of all our materials and products and those of our suppliers, not only apply to national environmental protection standards but to WSW standards, which are higher.

Our name stands for the highest quality, for excellent service and activities in environmental protection – documented by the certificate DIN ISO 9001:2008 and by the latest European standards DIN EN 14001:2009 in April 2010.

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