Characteristics of the WDR-Gaskets

  • Because of the relatively large seal face (in contrast to the single “line? seal of O-rings) and their high strength gaskets of this material remain completely effective even under roughest conditions (e.g. tractors and construction machinery).
  • They are compressible up to 80% and therefore allow very large oscillating movements such as those found in radial spherical plain bearings.
  • When using WSW-gaskets as a seal it is possible to enlarge the tolerances considerably since their compressibility will ensure effective sealing.
  • The facile deformation enables a rapid and unproblematic assembly even in the most difficult cases.
  • The low compression set guarantees a long operational life even under high deformation frequencies which is further enhanced by its resistance to oils and greases.
  • Oil and grease impregnated gaskets enable automatic lubrication of bearings and increase the sealing power against dust etc.
  • Temperature: -20°C - +80°C, temporary also +100°C

Application WDR-Dichtung

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