Mounting, design and construction

Their installation is as simple as of round cord or O-ring gaskets. The dimensions required are as follows:
Mounting of gasket
  • The gaskets should be subject to a pre-loading of 10% more than the maximum deflection of the moving part. Therefore, the diameter of the seal for shafts should be 5% smaller than the shaft diameter and the outside dimensions should be 5% larger than the gasket groove.
  • The max. static pre-loading is approximately 30-35%, a compression set of 6-10% has to be expected.
  • Due to the elasticity the diameter tolerance, the mismatch of the shaft diameter and the grooves may be relatively large.
  • However, the surface roughness on parts to be sealed should not exceed 0,005mm at the tight joint.
  • Please note: Impregnation of the gaskets with grease will reduce the friction loss by approximately 50%.

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