General information about spherical plain bearings

Spherical plain bearings are pre-finished machine parts (DIN ISO 12240) with spherical sliding surfaces which are constructed for tilting, swivelling or circular movements at slow sliding speeds. They are particularly suitable for bearing arrangements where movements between shaft and housing or alignment movements have to be accommodated.

Spherical plain bearings can be divided into three main groups. These are available as a type requiring maintenance or maintenance free:

[/b]Factors reducing the lifetime of spherical plain bearings are for example dirt, humidity and vibrations. For critical applications please contact WSW.

Especially suitable for applications in the Offshore industry are our Composite spherical plain bearings which are maintenance free and saltwaterresistant.

These pictures show a Niro-bearing and a bearing requiring maintenance.

Some tips for lubrication
  • The purpose of lubrication is primarily to reduce wear, reduce friction and prevent scuffing. Also the grease serves to protect the bearings against corrosion.
  • The frequency of relubrication will appreciably extend the product life.
  • For standard applications WSW recommends the high-performance grease WGLF-Special. Please contact WSW before the use of other greases.
  • The bearings can be lubricated via bore holes in the outer and inner ring.
  • In order to guarantee regular lubrication we recommend our electromechanical lubrication unit WLUB 120.

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